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Are You Winning On Google?

When you need something this day in age what do you do? You type into the magic world of GOOGLE.

Everything you need can be found online. You can search for how to cook dinner all the way to how to invest in stocks. Either option will yield you results, and if you're willing to do the work and be super specific on your search you'll find exactly what you were looking for.

The question I have is this:

Is your website the last website that someone uses for a specific search?

If it is your website, you win. Most likely you get the call, you get the purchase, you win. You also win even more than that! You've shown google that when someone types in those results your website was the best result for that person.

So how do you make sure your site is there for the customer to see? By spending time working on your website and the content on that site to be relevant for the industry and keywords that your customers are searching for. The other thing you need, is to make sure your Google listing is up to date and that it has as many reviews as possible!

You need to crush your competition in reviews on Google!

Posting GOOD quality pictures on your Google listing and showcasing your work is a huge way to stand out as well.

If you're doing those things, and I mean seriously doing it... Then you should be seeing huge results! Customers mainly choose the first 3 options on google for a service. Your goal is to appear to them in organic search with your website and you want to appear in the maps with a lot of great pictures and HUGE 5-star review counts.

If your looking to gain more coverage and get in front of even more customers the best thing you can do is ALL of the above and then run a few AdWord campaigns on your google account to drive people to your website.

This is the greatest tool that your service business can use to generate consistent leads and customers every single day.

You can start a simple adword campaign that helps you pay google to connect more people to your website. By paying for ads on google your asking that when a customer searches for a specific term, phrase, or keyword, then google will show your webpage in the top 3 section of Ad space on the top page of Google.

I know your thinking, well it says Ad on there, don't most people skip down past the ad and click on the organic links? The answer to that question is Yes and No. Majority of customers out there will buy with no influence. But 30% of people click on the ads at the top of the page. 30% is not a lot compared to the big scheme of things. HOWEVER, if your doing your part to have your information clearly laid out for your customers to find you online, they could potentially see you more than once on the same page. That is how you start winning big! If your not currently showing up on Google at all then that 30% could be the only chance that you get to gain customers online from google searches in your area until you start to get more website progress.

When customers see your business on the first page on google multiple times in multiple different ways, it's very easy for you to become the best choice for the service. You are creating brand awareness and building trust because of the 'Masses'. People know that Google provides information and resources to its users by giving them the best results possible based on a specific search query.

When someone types the keywords related to your business on google, does your company come up? Can customers find you by simply typing in the service they need by doing a local search? Have you tried to search your industry for yourself?

Make things happen! Big Things!

If you can't find your business on Google by making a simple search for your industry, then today is the day you start making things happen! Get online and start looking at your Google Listing. Look at the reviews, look at the quality of the reviews. Can you fix it or improve them in anyway by responding to customers? Can you add more pictures today of the amazing job you did yesterday for a customer? Are you sending follow up emails and texts to your customers reminding them to give you a 5-star review on google?

Right now is the best time to make sure your business is showing up for your customers. Your google listing plays a hugely important role in assuring customers to find you online. And last of all.... ANSWER YOUR PHONES! If you want to earn a new customer business then answer the phone when it rings the first time! Don't send calls to your voicemail. Show your customers that you are serious and either answer the phone mid-job or have someone answering your phones for you.

If you need any help or have any questions on how you can improve your google listing and start converting more sales let us know!

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