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The Coronavirus Can Be Good Or Bad For Your Business, You Get The Choice.

Many people's small business has been effected by the Coronavirus or Covid-19. Some have seen an immediate drop off in business and other's have blown the doors off and grown like crazy.

All of this depends on how you adapt!

We don't have a choice as to what this pandemic is going to cause, the facts are simple. It's here and we are in the middle of it. We can either sit back and hope that it all goes away quickly, or pivot our business to adapt to our customer's needs. You need customers in order to have success in your business. The two run hand in hand.

The Coronavirus hasn't stopped people's lives from moving forward. It's just changed how they are doing it.

Perfect example. Since this pandemic, I have not gone into a grocery store one single time. WHY WOULD I NEED TO? My favorite grocery store changed to meet my needs. Now, I pick my items online and drive up and have some amazing person load them into the car for me and I literally drive home. I will never go back to indoor shopping!

The Coronavirus changed the way I do life, but the place I shopped adapted to make it even easier for me to have an experience from them. This service was around before the viruse took off, but now that we had to change our lifestyle it has become a NECESSITY instead of a luxery.

This change was great for business and for me as the consumer.

In our business we can choose to sit on the sidelines and watch the world change in front of us. Or we can be the resource for our costumer that we designed our business to serve from the beginning.

If business was great for you and now it has dropped off, take a look around at what was working and see what changed! Were you dropping off flyers, or cold calling customers more? Were you gathering their information and emails to get in contact with them for future sales? How can you get back in touch with your old customers to let them know how that you are still there to take care of their needs?

Do you have a client book that your maintaining and following up with on an annual basis at minimum? Have you looked at how your services could benefit your customers more during this pandemic? If you're in the service industry your job is to take care of your customers. 100%, that's how you get paid, it's by providing a value to them.

What do they need during this time? How can you help them?

Instead of embracing the bad and the negative that is around us, we should embrace the consumer in the end like we aimed to do from the very beginning. What can your business do to provide value to your customer's today?

DO IT! Start doing it today!

So what if your in this far and say.... I have no clients. I need help getting more. I need help finding the business during this time of need. The answer for you is right in front of you.

Your business was made to provide value/service to people in exchange for money.

Keep doing that. Look at what your consumer is dealing with today. What can your business do/provide to that customer to provide value to them during this time? It might not look the same, but in the end can provide the same result. I still get my groceries from the same store. I just get them a different way now. Don't be the company that sits on the sideline and waits for this whole thing to blow over. INSTEAD, be the company adapting and providing insane value to your customers. In the end everyone wins.

If your business is not on social media, then start today. Seriously. If you stop reading this now and just started that you would start seeing results.

Right now, more than any other time in the world, people are glued to their phones and computers. They are consuming data, information, funny videos and everything out there online more now than they ever were before. If your business isn't creating content to get in front of all those people sitting at home how do you expect them to find you?

Are you running ad campaigns to your website? A simple google AdWords campaign can literally make the phones start ringing overnight. Take this time that your sitting at home and develop a ad page and start a small campaign reaching customers that search in your area for specific keywords based on your service/expertise.

If you're not there, they can't find you!

This time that we are in is crazy. I agree 100%. But one thing is true, in the grand scope of our lives, this thing will be small for us. We can choose to either sit with our heads tucked between our legs waiting for it to end. Or we can adapt and change and start providing massive value that could fundamentally change the way you do business with your customers in the future. You won't know unless you try, and not trying means guaranteed failure every time.

I hope this finds you well! If you need help or have any questions on how to pivot your business during this crazy time hit us up.

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