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How Do I Succeed In Business? The Key Is Right Here.

The answer to the question is pretty simple... But the application is a different story.

The key thing that will make or break your business success is YOUR CONSUMER.

A business that puts the consumer first always wins BIG!

Wow... You're impressed... I know...

But take a step back for a second. We were told when starting a business to have a big plan. To have your 10 year goals laid out. Everything we are taught teaches us as that it's our job as the business leader to dream and have this HUGE plan for a mega company down the road sometime... That way we can sit back and buy a boat or something fancy like that and impress our friends and family. Am I right?

The world we live in now is different. Since Covid-19, 2020 has been a strange world. Business and plans seem uncertain. The times that we find ourselves in people are focused on themselves. It doesn't take a lot of looking around to see just how true this is.

It is very easy for us to get trapped in the same mindset as well. The strategy for life often rolls into the strategy for our business. Our business can easily become something that serves us selfishly.

But wait? Isn't that the plan?

That can be the plan for you if you want to grow a personal business that just serves your needs and that's it. But you can rest assured that you will eventually hit a cap, and that cap is you. If you want that type of business then you can remain on track and make something great for your life. But that's not the type of business we are talking about here today. We are talking about a business that is growing fast and having a hard time keeping up. Constantly being forced to grow and adapt and change as the market does. A business that has new customers coming from all directions and places that are RAGING FANS of your business.

Like I said at the beginning;

The answer is simple. It's the application that's the hard part!

It is very difficult to run a business that is consumer driven. You can plan for growth but that has to be in pencil as it could change at any moments notice. You have to have fantastic relationships with your customers in order to know exactly what they need from you. you have to do something hard.

You have to listen to them, A LOT!

A business that is actively listening to their customer's needs, and providing amazing results for them is the greatest way to succeed. You have to work your butt off to make this happen. It takes a lot of time and work from you to become THE RESOURCE for your customer's particular needs in your field of work. No matter what industry, take a look around at who is crushing it the most. Those companies are doing whatever it takes to provide INSANE value to their customer. Making it easy for them to consume what you have to offer them. Remember, we are in a super selfish time in life. All we have to do is listen, and take action.

HOW? What is the quickest way we can start implementing these values in our business today?

No matter where your at in business you can take a step back at any time and access where your at and what the mission is of your company. I believe that we can all create an amazing company that provides insane value for our customers. We can create something in this world that stands out and actually helps people. Your success will be determined by the success of those around you.

This encouragement might make you feel good, but also uneasy because you might "lose" something by going the extra mile helping provide insane value for your customers. You're right. You might spend more money, might waste time on more clients, you might spend countless hours and not get paid a dime for your efforts. If your focused selfishly on you and your business, your just like every other average business out there and every person currently out there.

You can't give the same input in this world as everyone else and expect a different outcome.

It's time to start building something different.


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