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It's Time To Chase The Dream

Every day we get up and chase something. Is it more money? Is it big successful business? The perfect image (and I mean the real image everyone sees on social media)?

Those things might not be what you're chasing, but they sure were/are struggles for me every day. I have learned that success was not actually what I was chasing but more so I was chasing the "image" of success.

I never look at what I wanted to do. I just looked at what I wanted to become.

I wanted to work out the details in the middle on the way like most solutions are solved in business. However, this left me often feeling empty, or not satisfied. I was chasing things and not a dream.

I heard Gary V say something in This Video that blew my freaking mind but also wrecked my heart because it's true.

People don't like their jobs or lives, so they consume things to escape from it.

Why wouldn't you instead create the life you love and be happy all the time?

I don't know about you.... But YES PLEASE! I want it! This life is full of ups and downs. We literally consume youtube videos of people living the life we could only dream of or imagine. We consume to escape what other people created for themselves.

I want to stop only consuming and start creating for myself.

I had to ask though. What do I love? What am I all about?

This led me down an unknown path. I had never really ventured down this road past a "hobby" or an "escape".

One thing I am always about is the freaking epic feeling I get to help someone, a group, or business have that moment in their mind where "THEY GET IT! It's that moment when I get to help someone. I get this awesome feeling of success when I make an impact on them with either information, resource, encouragement, or just snarky comments for a good laugh!

Helping people win in business is what I'm all about. I've had an amazing privilege in my life to sit and learn from some super successful business leaders, church organizational leaders, and had years of training and class and conference training skills obtained. Those skills have helped me apply so much in my own business and those business owners close to me resulting in a huge success. I love sharing anything I've learned to help those around me succeed! I don't know everything, and I won't pretend to know it all.

What does all this mean?

This means I have a dream to chase! Not just a dream.... THE DREAM. The dream of a life doing what I love. Doing what I love and what I'm passionate about. Letting the details work out as we go. Because tomorrow could bring a new adventure I could have never imagined or dreamed of.

I'm a man of faith and believe God will always take care of me. But call it Faith, Karma, whatever you want. One thing happens:

Something happens in this world when you put the needs of others above yourself.

John Maxwell said "If those around me succeed then I too shall succeed"

That is a comment that has always sat so deep with me. Because I want to believe it to be true but am honestly too fearful to really try it. To try to put the success of others above myself and asking nothing in return from them. If I can help you chase your dream, LETS GO!

If you need help or want to chat about your business hit us up.

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